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Well its now summer and this is the season for Fairs, Fêtes, Flea Markets, Flower Markets, Farmers Markets, Brocantes and Vide-Greniers (Garage Sales/Car Boot Sales) and of course .....cycling !

Cyclists from Poitou-Charentes on a competitive circuit of the region with the village of La Trimouille in the background on the other side of the bridge.

The region is bustling with Brocantes,Vide Greniers and festivals of all kinds during the weekend - and in the evenings during the week, there are Producers' Markets where you select what you want to eat and the cost of cooking it is included ! Or you can attend one of the brilliant FREE concerts that are put on in the old roman churches !!!  

These are the two websites we locals use to check on the Brocantes, the Flea Markets and the Fêtes ......anywhere in France.

And for those who love the thrill of speed (or just love racing cars and racing bikes) then just an hour's drive is the Val de Vienne Racing Circuit. Click on the link below to view their upcoming events. 

In August every year the town of Confolens (yes, just an hour away) hosts the annual (now the 53rd year) World Festival of Dance and Music - a week long affair featuring entertainers from all over the world.

Click the link below to check on the acts and the dates.....its truly a remarkable festival ..and great fun!

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